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Rudiments – Double Drag Tap


In this lesson, Sacha demonstrates the Double Drag Tap drum rudiment on the snare drum, then shows you one of the many ways it can…

Jazz Brushes


Learning to play with brushes can be a great way to start discovering some of the secret sounds hidden inside your drum kit. This lesson…

Foot Technique – Double Strokes


This lesson on foot technique helps you begin to unlock the secrets of developing speed and power into your bass drum and pedal hi-hat strokes.




Foot Technique – Basics


This lesson introduces the 3 basic foot strokes used by drummers to achieve a variety of sounds and feels.



PDF Worksheet Sample:

Drum Tuning – Tom Toms


In this lesson you’ll learn how to tune your high and low tom toms for optimal tone and projection.


Drum Tuning – Snare Drum


Tuning your snare correctly is important for getting the right sound for any particular style of music. This lesson shows you the basics of snare…

Drum Tuning – Bass Drum


This lesson is an in-depth introduction to tuning your bass drum. It covers the basic concept of tuning your bass drum and shows you how…

Play-along – You And The Night And The Music


Sacha performs to our play-along version of “You And The Night And The Music”. Download the ‘minus drums’ version and have a go yourself.


Play-along – Oleo


In this performance video, Sacha plays “Oleo” – a typical example of the AABA rhythm changes song form. Download the ‘minus drums’ version and have…

Play-along – Green Dolphin Street


“Green Dolphin Street” is a popular jazz standard which can be played many ways. This version uses a simple medium swing feel but also modulates…

Play-along – Georgia On My Mind


This is a slow 12/8 version of the popular standard “Georgia On My Mind”. It starts off nice and easy but builds and builds and…

Play-along – Dr Smooth


This play-along track is great for practicing your rock and funk grooves with sixteenth-note subdivisions. There’s a lot of different ways you could interpret this…

Play-along – Damas Cha Cha Cha


In this lesson, Sacha performs to a play-along track called “Damas Cha Cha Cha” – a traditional Cuban cha cha cha with a modern edge….

Play-along – Caravan


This track is a fairly typical modern jazz trio rendition of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan”. Keep in mind that once the melody starts, the song is…

Play-along – C Jam Blues


12-Bar Blues is the most basic jazz form, and learning to play and feel it is essential to become a great jazz player. “C Jam…

Play-along – Bernies Tune


“Bernie’s Tune” is an example of the AABA jazz form. In this version we have a 2-feel in the A sections (2 beats to the…

How To Play Triplets


A triplet is a kind of note that allows you to divide beats into 3 notes rather than 2 or 4. This lesson shows you…

Trading Drum Solos


In this lesson you’ll learn a technique often used in jazz and other types of improvised music for drummers to take a drum solo while…

Rudiment Applications – Six Stroke Roll 2


These demonstrations show you a few ways the Six Stroke Roll rudiment can be used to create drum licks with left and right hand lead.


Rudiment Applications – Six Stroke Roll 1


This lesson demonstrates of some of the ways the Six Stroke Roll rudiment can be used to create melodic patterns around the drum kit.



PDF Worksheet…

Rudiment Applications – Single Paradiddle


This lesson demonstrates of some of the ways the Single Paradiddle rudiment can be used to create melodic patterns around the drum kit.


Rudiment Applications – Single & Double Paradiddles


This is a short demonstration of Single and Double Paradiddles and how they can be used to play freely and fluidly around the drum kit.


Rudiment Applications – Inverted Paradiddles


This lesson demonstrates an ‘inverted’ Single Paradiddle rudiment and how it can be used to create melodic patterns around the drum kit.



PDF Worksheet Sample:

Metric Modulation


This advanced lesson deals with the concept of Metric Modulation, which means changing the meter (time signature) and/or tempo (speed) of the music.


Licks – Woody Woodpecker


I came up with this 9-note drum lick back at university and have had people asking about it ever since. One YouTube commenter said it…

Licks – The Blushda


This is a powerful and very handy drum lick made up of a flam and a drag. With a little practice the ‘Blushda’ will sit…

Licks – Steve Gadd Drum Lick


Here’s a really cool drum lick made famous by the great Steve Gadd. Remarkably simple but really effective when practiced right.

Licks – Speed Exercise – Directional Triplets


This is a simple but effective practice exercise designed to get you moving around your drum kit with more speed and endurance. It’s more of…

Licks – 6-Note Speed Lick


This simple drum lick is made up of only six notes and can be used in any sort of music where you want a heavy…

Free Playing – With No Pulse


Sometimes the best thing you can do behind your instrument is just play. Free playing time can allow you to momentarily forget all the structured…