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Category: Rudiment Studies

Directional Stickings Part 1 – Phrasing With Single Strokes


The exercises in this lesson take odd groupings of single strokes (alternating sticking) and apply them to the drum kit in a manner that takes…

Paradiddle-diddle Fills & The PaPadiddle-diddle


This lesson shows you several ways to apply the paradiddle-diddle rudiment to the drum kit using simple voicings, additional accents and combining it with the…

Four-Way Independence Drills – Triplets on Quarter Notes

This set of independence & co-ordination exercises combines single-stroke, double-stroke and paradiddle stickings between the four limbs…

Four-Way Independence Drills – Eighth-Notes On Eighth-Notes

This lesson shows you 100 different ways to combine single-stroke and double-stroke stickings between the four limbs…