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Category: Play Along Tracks

Downloadable play-along MP3 tracks (with and without drums) with example video performances.

Play-along – You And The Night And The Music


Sacha performs to our play-along version of “You And The Night And The Music”. Download the ‘minus drums’ version and have a go yourself.


Play-along – Oleo


In this performance video, Sacha plays “Oleo” – a typical example of the AABA rhythm changes song form. Download the ‘minus drums’ version and have…

Play-along – Green Dolphin Street


“Green Dolphin Street” is a popular jazz standard which can be played many ways. This version uses a simple medium swing feel but also modulates…

Play-along – Georgia On My Mind


This is a slow 12/8 version of the popular standard “Georgia On My Mind”. It starts off nice and easy but builds and builds and…

Play-along – Dr Smooth


This play-along track is great for practicing your rock and funk grooves with sixteenth-note subdivisions. There’s a lot of different ways you could interpret this…

Play-along – Damas Cha Cha Cha


In this lesson, Sacha performs to a play-along track called “Damas Cha Cha Cha” – a traditional Cuban cha cha cha with a modern edge….

Play-along – Caravan


This track is a fairly typical modern jazz trio rendition of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan”. Keep in mind that once the melody starts, the song is…

Play-along – C Jam Blues


12-Bar Blues is the most basic jazz form, and learning to play and feel it is essential to become a great jazz player. “C Jam…

Play-along – Bernies Tune


“Bernie’s Tune” is an example of the AABA jazz form. In this version we have a 2-feel in the A sections (2 beats to the…