Category: Beats, Grooves & Patterns

Lessons on how to play various drum beats, grooves and smaller patterns in different styles including jazz, rock, pop, funk, latin, salsa, afro-cuban, brazilian & more.

Cowbell Funk


This is essentially a video response to a YouTube video Sacha posted a few years back. Quite a few people wanted to know what was going on so he decided to make a comprehensive lesson out of it. You can find the original video on YouTube by searching for “Cowbell Funk”.

Brazilian – Samba With Brushes


This lesson shows you how to begin to interpret the Brazilian Samba groove with brushes.

Brazilian – Samba Basics


Coming from Brazil, the samba is a unique rhythm that opens up some interesting possibilities on the drum kit.

Brazilian – Bossa-Nova


Bossa-Nova is a Brazilian groove that is often used as an alternative feel in rock and jazz. This lesson introduces the basic building blocks of a bossa-nova beat.

Brazilian – Bossa-Nova Variations


This lesson gives you a few neat variations to try on with your basic bossa-nova feel.

Afro Cuban – Songo


Songo is a rhythm that really put the drum kit on the map in Cuban music. This lesson shows you the different parts of the Songo, and how to piece them together.

Afro Cuban – Mambo Bell


The Mambo Bell pattern (aka Montuno Bell) is the signature cowbell/cymbal pattern in Salsa, Mambo and Latin-Jazz. Here you’ll learn a few different ways to play it.

Afro Cuban – The Clave


The Clave is the fundamental groove behind Afro-Cuban music and is important to understand when learning the rhythms behind many styles including Salsa, Mambo, Bolero, Cha Cha Cha and Latin Jazz.

Afro Cuban – Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha is a simple yet catchy Cuban rhythm that’s really fun to play on drum kit. It’s a great coordination exercise too.

Afro Cuban – Cascara

The Cascara is a simple but very important and widely-used rhythm in Afro-Cuban drumming. Once you memorize this pattern, many things you hear in Afro-Cuban music will start to make sense, I promise!

Afro Cuban – Bass Drum Tumbao


This lesson shows you what you can do with your bass drum when playing in various Afro-Cuban styles. It’s not always on the beat like a samba or bossa nova, but more of an accent to help the groove along.