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Drum Tuning – Tom Toms


In this lesson you’ll learn how to tune your high and low tom toms for optimal tone and projection.


Drum Tuning – Snare Drum


Tuning your snare correctly is important for getting the right sound for any particular style of music. This lesson shows you the basics of snare…

Drum Tuning – Bass Drum


This lesson is an in-depth introduction to tuning your bass drum. It covers the basic concept of tuning your bass drum and shows you how…

How To Play Triplets


A triplet is a kind of note that allows you to divide beats into 3 notes rather than 2 or 4. This lesson shows you…

Twelve Eight Rock Beat


This lesson introduces the Twelve-Eight Rock Beat: a great rhythm to learn when you’re learning rock and also interested in music that uses the shuffle…

Twelve Eight Rock Beat Variations


This lesson gives you some simple ideas to add flavor to your Twelve-Eight rock beats.



PDF Worksheet Sample:

Sixteenth-Note Rock Beat


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Learning the sixteenth-note rock beat opens the drummer up the mountains of possibilities available for creating different types of rock,…

Rock Shuffle


The rock shuffle is a triplet-based rock beat that introduces the drummer to the ‘swing’ feel.



PDF Worksheet Sample:

Quarter-Note Rock Beat


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This lesson introduces the basic feel behind rock and pop drumming. Also a great coordination exercise, this beat is often…

Open Hi-Hat Beats


This lesson shows you various rock/funk beats that require you to open and close your hi-hats. You’ll see a few very important technical tips for…

Jazz Cymbal Beat


The jazz cymbal beat is the rhythmic foundation of jazz and swing drumming. After learning this short, simple beat, you are on the way to…

Eighth-Note Rock Beat


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The eighth note rock beat is the most commonly used drum beat in popular music today. After mastering this lesson,…

Eighth-Note Kick Drum Beats


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This lesson shows you a set of simple bass drum variations to the eighth-note rock beat. Bass drum notes may…