About Sacha K

Sacha Kloostra (Bachelor Of Music), born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, is a multi-faceted drummer known for his delicate yet explosive playing and creative improvisational style.

With over twenty years performing experience in various musical genres including rock & pop, funk, jazz, fusion, salsa, afro-Cuban, Brazilian, big band & musical theatre, Sacha’s musical voice is diverse and colourful, and set in a strong foundation of drumming traditions from around the world. Sacha’s drumming can be heard on several Australian releases including renowned salsa band Chukale, and jazz groups such as Cleon’s Three, Louise Denson Group and Enthusiastic Musician’s Orchestra. Sacha is a regular on the Brisbane jazz circuit, performing regularly with local and international artists, and has performed at major music festivals and events such as Splendour In The Grass, Woodford Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Brisbane Festival, Darling Harbour Jazz Festival, Darling Harbour Latin Fiesta, York Jazz Festival, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols and more. In 2018 Sacha performed in the Australian premiere of Disenchanted! – the hit broadway musical garnering excellent reviews.

Sacha teaches drum kit and timbales from his home studio in Brisbane as well as producing online video lessons which have accrued over 20,000 YouTube subscribers and over 3 million video views.


Sacha plays Yamaha Drums.

Setup includes:

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute shells
10 x 8 Tom
12 x 8 Tom
14 x 13 Floor Tom
16 x 15 Floor Tom
20 x 18 Bass Drum
14 x 6 Hybrid Maple Snare
14 x 6.5 Stage Custom Steel Snare
DT50S, DT50K, DT20 Drum Triggers

Sabian cymbals including
8” Legacy Splash
10” Legacy Splash
14” Legacy Hi-Hats
16” HHX Evolution Crash
16″ O-Zone Crash
19” HHXTreme Crash
21” Legacy Ride
LP Cowbells/Jamblocks
Vic Firth SD2 Bolero and 2B Drumsticks & Wire Brushes


Cleon’s Three – Techni-colour Rain (2015)


Composer and pianist Cleon Barraclough joins with Osmar ‘Chiky’ Salazar on electric bass and Sacha K on drums to present their debut album ‘Techni-colour Rain’. Inspired by salsa, timba, funk and contemporary jazz, the album features the group’s original compositions.

Cleon, Chiky and Sacha bring intricate Afro-Cuban grooves and jazz improvisation skills to audiences through their diverse musical experiences. Cleon’s 2011 album ‘Globalectic’ for which he played the role of performer, producer and composer, was noted in reviews for its “progressive and adventurous” merging of genres. Bassist Chiky has been touring internationally as the musical director and composer for ‘Ballet Revolucíon’ and was formerly on tour with ‘Lady Salsa’. Chiky’s traditional Cuban roots emanate through his numerous album recordings and virtuoso style. Completing the trio, Sacha K holds the drum chair for Afro-Cuban ensemble ‘Chukale’ and his many collaborations with artists from diverse musical backgrounds reflect the knowledge and capability he brings to the project.

Completing the project is internationally renowned producer and engineer John Haeny, whose 5 decade career includes work with jazz greats such as John Coltrane, Weather Report and Duke Ellington. John has stepped out of semi-retirement to produce and record this album in his home studio in Tasmania.

Chukale – ‘Expedition’ (2011)




‘One For B’ (2011)


‘Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra’ (2009)


‘Salsa Down Under’ (2010)


Louise Denson Group
‘Flame Tree’ (2010)


‘The Opener’ (2009)


‘Imaginary People’ (2009)


‘Thrasody’ (2003)